Top Apps to Watch English TV Shows for Free in 2022

Top Apps to Watch English TV Shows for Free

The entertainment industry has grown very quickly in the 21st century because of the advancement of technology. People are living a hectic professional life and they are unable to find any enjoyment and entertainment in their lives.

However, movies and TV shows are the best ways to entertain you without having time issues and they are accommodating for the refreshment of mind. Sometimes, people are unable to match their time with their favorite TV shows because of their busy professional routine that takes entertainment out of their lives.

For this problem, there are numerous that provides the streaming of English TV shows online without any cost. You can visit those applications to find your favorite TV shows or movies and watch them out without having any time issues. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere by visiting those applications and finding your favorite TV show there.

Numerous applications are providing these services for the entertainment of people all over the World, but we need to find the best applications with the most useful features. Following are the best apps to watch English TV shows for free in 2022.

Top 6 Best Apps to watch TV Shows and Web Series for Free in 2022

Hotstar — Online Video Streaming App

Price: Plan 1: Free Plan 2: 299 INR/Month Plan 3: 899 INR/Year Plan 4: 1499 INR/Year

Hotstar is an online video streaming application of India which provides free streaming of movies and TV shows. You can watch any Bollywood movie or Indian TV series on this amazing video streaming application for free. This movie streaming site is on the top of the list among the best movies, and TV shows streaming applications in India.

Indian people like to watch their favorite Bollywood movies and TV shows on this app because of their latest movies and TV shows on this app in good video quality. You don’t need registration or sign up for streaming movies and TV shows on this video streaming app.

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You can find your favorite TV shows and movies by genres, name, latest released, etc. This application is available for the users of both Android and iOS operating systems. This app also divided the sections of movies and TV shows by the states of India to make it easy for the visitors to choose between watching movies or TV shows.

You can also stream cricket shows on this application which means that this application also grabbed the audience which wants to watch sports. These extraordinary features and services of this application make this video streaming app prior and unique from other apps.

Yidio — Online Video Streaming App

 Yidio is another popular application to watch movies and TV shows for free. It is a universal content library for movies or TV shows lovers because it is actually an aggregator. Yidio collects the movies and TV shows from different open-source video streaming apps or sites to entertain the users of their application.

This application is more useful than other sites because it contains the content of multiple video streaming application which makes it a better option to get favorite movies and TV shows for free easily and effectively on this application.


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You can download the Android or iOS application of Yidio in your mobile phones to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. You can watch movies and TV shows of most popular video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more than a hundred other apps.

You can also create a watchlist to keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies on this online movie streaming site. There is also a personalized daily reminder to show what’s new for each day which is a handy feature of this outstanding video streaming application.

Youtube — Online Video Streaming App

Youtube is the most extensive video streaming application all across the World and a huge library of videos for the entertainment of the people. This application not only contains movies or TV shows, but it is also useful to watch any kind of videos related to studies, sports, TV, movies and other topics.

You can search for any video available on this huge video streaming application according to your needs. Youtube actually displays videos that are uploaded by different individuals or institutes through Youtube Channels. Youtube channels can be related to any topic, i.e. studies, music, TV shows, etc. You can watch videos of any channel on Youtube.


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Youtube also provides the feature of subscription of channels to keep track of new videos uploaded on that channel so that users won’t miss the new videos uploaded by that channel. You can also upload your videos by creating channels and people would be able to watch your videos, and they will give comments and like your videos.

This is an open-source video-sharing application that is why most people like to use this application for watching videos and sharing them too. This application can be accessed from anywhere in the world without any cost. Registration is not necessary to watch videos from Youtube.

Tubi TV — Online Movies & TV Shows

Tubi TV is an online free video streaming application of the United States of America based in San Francisco. This application was launched in 2014, and now it is amongst the best video streaming applications all across the world because of its amazing features and a huge library of movies and TV shows available on this app.

The movies and TV shows are categorized into different genres for the ease of the users to find their favorite movies and TV shows. The search option of this application is quite useful and helpful for the users to find any movie or TV show efficiently without wasting much of time.

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High-quality video resolution attracts users to watch movies and TV shows on this application. You can watch movies on your android or iOS operating system by using a Tubi TV video streaming application. The subtitles of the movies and TV shows are also available for users to watch films and TV shows effectively and easily.

The subtitles are useful when the movie or TV shows are not in the English language, and people could read subtitles for understating the story.

Crackle — Online TV Shows & Movies

Crackle is one of the best options to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online with good quality resolution. Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Television, and it is a complete library of TV shows and movies online. Crackle categorized TV shows and movies differently to help the visitors in finding what they want to watch easily. Crackle is entirely free for the users. The problem with Crackle is that it is not available in all the regions of the World.


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The users can search the movies and TV shows by name or by genre because of the feature in Crackle. All the movies and TV shows are arranged alphabetically on Sony Crackle for the ease of the users. This is a US-based video streaming platform which is the joint venture between Sony Pictures and Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment.

Crackle does not compromise on the quality of the video, which is the priority of every user. There is no signup or registration required by Crackle, and this is available for both Android & iOS as well.

PopcornFLix — Online TV Shows & Movies

Popcornflix is another most popular online video streaming application which provides the services of movies and TV shows streaming online for free. This is a library full of a vast range of films and TV shows of different genres for the entertainment of people. The minimalistic interface is easy to use for the visitors.

This site added a new section of Viral Vids for the people who want to watch trending videos. Popcornflix provides high-quality videos for the satisfaction and entertainment of the visitors. This website also provides a feature to track your favorite and must-watch movies and TV shows. You can watch the TV shows of your favorite genres in your free time without any payment.

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This application may not be available in every country of the World, but the users can use VPN or proxy to access the website from anywhere in the World to watch favorite movies and TV shows for free without any cost.

This is also available for both iOS and Android, and this application contains the latest movies and TV shows that is why most of the people like to watch their favorite and latest movies and TV shows for free on this application.


Numerous applications provide the services of video streaming to the users, but most of them are low quality or spam for the users. The above applications are well-reputed, and most of their users are satisfied with their quality services.

You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows by using any of the above video streaming sites without paying any cost. You can watch high-quality videos on the above movies and TV shows streaming sites for free in 2022.

All the Apps are free?

All are free, but few of need to paid subscription to access all videos

All the apps are available in IOS and Android?


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