The Best Selfie Apps for Android Phones

The trend of selfies is on the peak nowadays because of a large number of the population using social media applications and posting their pictures and selfies on those apps. The smartphone users only need two good things in their mobile phones, and one of them is a good selfie camera, and the other one is a good selfie application on the phone. The current generation is obsessed with the trend of selfies, and they need good selfies to post on social media where they can share with their friends.

The android phone users need a good selfie camera for excellent pictures and do not forget that they also need useful selfie cam application for amazing photographs. The users must find extraordinary selfie applications for unusual selfies to post on their social media profiles.

The mobile phones contain their own camera application, but those applications do not provide those features that other applications are providing to edit and enhance the picture. The best selfie applications for android mobile phones are enlisted below with the detailed description of their features and specifications.

Retrica Selfie Camera

Retrica is one of the most famous selfie camera applications in the whole World and considered as the best application for selfies and picture editing. It allows you to add different filters on your pictures to make them look more attractive and beautiful. There are more than 80 filters in Retrica that you can apply to your photos to enhance the result of pictures. Retrace also provides you with the feature to take a picture by adding the filter, so you do not need to add filter afterwards.

Best Selfie Apps for Android Phones

Retrica also provides the functionalities to capture video with those filters on Retrica by pressing and holding the capture button. The user can also convert the video into GIF on Retrica. It includes many other options for the users’ reliability just like the timer on camera that will help you to take a picture through tripod by setting up the timer. You can also make a collage of different pictures through the Retrica application to post a collection of pictures on social media at once. Retrica also allows you to add doodles on your pictures.

Candy Camera Selfie App

Candy Camera is another well-known selfie application for android mobile users. This selfie camera application allows the users to set up real-time filters to make selfie more attractive and elegant through amazing filters. More than 7,000,000 people use and take selfies through Candy Camera application every day. This selfie application provides a diverse range of filters for the users to make them look more attractive in the selfie. This application makes your skin look amazing in the selfie through the filters. This application also helps through different editing tools for users.

Selfie Apps for Android Phones

The user can use editing tools for a perfect selfie which includes slimming, whitening, lipstick, blush and different other options. This selfie application provides stickers to decorate your pictures on different occasions. This application also allows you to add frames to the images that you have taken to make them more beautiful. A large number of android users in the world are using this application to look more attractive and appealing in selfies through this free selfie camera application.

YouCam Perfect Selfie Camera

There are many other selfie camera applications for android mobile phones, but YouCam Perfect is the best application for taking selfies and editing pictures because of multiple features for the users. YouCam Perfect supports both android & iOS. This application provides different editing tools to beautify your photographs. You can beautify your face, eyes and colour tones in real-time by using YouCam Perfect Selfie Application.

The Best Selfie Apps for Android

This application provides the next level editing by giving the options to enhance nose, remove acne, change eye size and many other options. There is a body reshape feature in this selfie camera application that provides the features to edit pictures to look slimmer and taller. For group photos, the app detects all the faces through Artificial Intelligence and applies personalized beautification for every face in the photo. You can blur a particular portion of the picture and change the background of the picture through this selfie application.

Sweet Selfie Camera

Sweet Selfie Application is amongst the top 3 selfie camera apps in more than 400 countries and considered as one of the best application for taking selfies. More than 100,000,000 users take a picture every day using this selfie camera app all across the World. This is a beautify application that will turn your face and body into more attractive through the editing tools. You can find trendy filters on this selfie camera application for your pictures.

Best Selfie Apps for Android

There are multiple options on this selfie camera application that allows you to change your skin with amazing filters and turn your teeth white, remove acne and many other editing tools. The real-time camera provides beautiful effects on pictures and makes your skin smoother.

Face changer and slimming tools provide you with the functionalities to change your face and body according to your desires to look more attractive on social media posts. There are many other picture editing tools like blurring the background, adding frames, etc.

B612 Selfie Camera Application

B612 is another selfie camera application for android phones that provides a wide range of filters to edit your pictures and selfies. This application takes minimum effort to make your view amazing and elegant through the editing tools in this selfie app. This app has more than 300 billion users all across the World.

Selfie Apps for Android

It has more than 200 animated stamps. Just like other editing applications, it also allows you to edit your pictures according to your needs through numerous editing tools in this camera application. There is a facial recognition feature in this application that will turn your face into animals according to the filter you chose. Drawing effects allows you to draw as you take a video through B612 use. You can choose the best face shape for you through the slider on this application.

FaceTune Selfie Camera App

FaceTune is one of the most famous selfie camera applications all over the World. This is the application which provides you with quick picture editing features and tools to enhance the quality of your picture and also helps you to look more beautiful on social media by using this application. This application is available for both Android and iOS users to make them look pretty and attractive on social media. FaceTune can help you to edit the dark spots on your face in the selfies, and you can change your look by using the tools of this application.

Best Android App for Selfi The simple interface of this application helps you to edit pictures easily and effectively. You can use skin enhancement, teeth whitening, eyes brightening, and different other tools available in this application to make your selfies more attractive and alluring.

Facetune is an entirely free selfie camera/editing application with the most amazing features available in any picture editing tool. Portrait pictures can be edited very well by using this application.

Snapchat Selfie Camera

You must be familiar with the name of Snapchat as it is one of the most widely used social media applications. Snapchat is also one of the best Selfie Camera applications because of its amazing features available in the selfie camera of this application. This application provides impressive features for taking selfies with extraordinary filters and stickers. This application makes you look pretty with different stickers and filters available in this application.

Top Android App for Selfi

You can slide on the screen to change the filters on this application. This application is also used to share pictures with friends. You can chat with your friends by using Snapchat. The easy to use Selfie Camera and social media application is most popular all over the World for sharing videos and pictures with your friends and family.

Snapchat is a complete package for the users to take selfies and share with your friends and family easily and effectively. You can edit pictures and videos with outstanding filters and stickers of Snapchat. You can also do video chat with a group of people by using Snapchat.

Perfect365 Selfie Camera App

Perfect365 is one of the best selfie camera applications for android and iOS users to take selfies and edit them before posting on social media. This application is beneficial for the women because this app is helpful to add makeup effects on the pictures by using different tools of Perfect365.

Top Selfie Apps for Android Phones

This application provides 20 various tools to beautify your pictures. You can adjust hair, lips and skin by using this useful selfie camera and picture editing application. You can try different colour combinations on your pictures with its high-quality colour palette. You can make your pictures look natural and beautiful by using this application, and this application is entirely free for the users of android and iOS. Facial recognition algorithm of this application provides instant beauty on your face while taking the picture, which saves your time to clear dark spots, etc.

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