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Video editing and video making were complicated a few years ago, but now it has become an easy task because of numerous features in different video maker software for PC. People needed to learn how to use video editing software, but this problem has been solved for people because of various easy-to-use Video Editing Software are introduced for making videos.

Still, there is a problem in choosing the best video maker software that costs nothing. There are numerous options for selecting a video making software, but newbies do not know the exact features and specifications of those video making software. However, we are going to discuss the best free video maker software for PC with their detailed description and features. Those video making software are enlisted below with a detailed explanation about their advantages and features.

Blender Video Making/Editing Software

Blender is a well-known video making software that is open-source for the public. People can draw 3D videos using this video making software according to their desires by using multiple features and tools of Blender. It provides modelling, simulation, animation and numerous other features for best video making. This software also allows you to perform basic editing options like video cuts, etc. You can also perform video masking by using Blender. This video making software is the best option for beginners as well as professionals.

The significant features of Blender are as follows.

  • Ultra-Realistic Rendering including CPU/GPU rendering & VR rendering support
  • Real-time viewport preview
  • Advanced Sculpting Tool & brushes
  • Multi-resolution & dynamic subdivision
  • Animation & Rigging
  • Combines 2D with 3D in the viewport
  • Customize Interface Layouts & Colors
  • And many other useful features are available on Blender.

Shotcut Video Making/Editing Software

Shotcut is another one of the most popular open-source video editing software that has been used all across the World without any cost. This software is available for Windows, Mac & Linux as well. You will get all the features after installation in your PC without any need for paid upgradations. This software supports a wide range of video formats with great features. This software supports 4K HD resolution that is a unique feature of this video editing software. It also provides the timeline editing feature to the users. This software also offers many audio control features, i.e. volume controls, audio filters and many others. The significant features of Shotcut are as follows.

  • Webcam Capture
  • Supports wide range of Video and Image formats
  • Supports 4K HD Resolution
  • Native Timeline Editing
  • Volume Control of Audio
  • Audio Mixing across all Tracks
  • Audio Filters
  • Video Wipe Transitions
  • Video Filters
  • 3-point editing
  • Drag and Drop Files from File Manager
  • And much more

Lightworks Video Making/Editing Software

Lightworks is a leading open-source video editing software that supports Windows, Mac & Linux. This is a complete video creation package for the professionals to create a video with numerous features and tools available on this software. Editing is accessible on this software because of its easy to use interface and it also supports 2K and 4K resolution. The free version of this software is enough for any kind of video creation and video editing, but there are some extraordinary features available in the pro version of Lightworks. This software also provides a wide range of video formats and high precision video trimming for better editing. There are many tutorials available online to learn all about the Lightworks video editing.

The most amazing features of Lightworks video making software are enlisted below.

  • Easy to use Drag & Drop Interface
  • Video Routing
  • Rendering Effects
  • Colour Correction & Blend Modes
  • Effect Key-frames
  • Edit Multicam Sources
  • High Precision Video Trimming
  • Real-time Effects
  • Text Effects with Boris Graffiti
  • Project Sharing for Teamwork
  • And a lot of different features are available.

HitFilm Express Video Making/Editing Software

HitFilm Express is free video editing software with professional-grade VFX tools and every other feature that is required to create amazing videos. This software supports both Windows and Mac. It is one of the best video editing software for the professional video makers & editors with all required tools. It provides basic editing tools for the beginners, i.e. trimming, etc. The free version of this software offers more than 180 special effects. The tutorials about HitFilm Express are available online that are helpful to create interactive and engaging videos. You can also buy add-ons from the HitFilm store. It supports 3D videos and advanced cutting options for the satisfaction and reliability of the users.

The advanced and useful features of HitFilm Express are as follows.

  • Advanced tracking & Screen Simulation
  • Grading Tools
  • Footage Distortions
  • Import & animate 3D models on HitFilm Express
  • Sky Replacement Tool
  • Masking & layering on HitFilm Express
  • Lighting Effects
  • Blaster Impacts
  • And a lot more features are available

iMovie Video Making/Editing Software

iMovie Video Making only supports the Mac operating systems and Mac users can use this free video editing software to create and edit high-quality videos. The drag & drop interface of this video editing tools make it more attractive towards Mac users and easy to use interface makes it more reliable to others. This is the platform for the newbies who want to learn video editing. This software provides pre-made video transitions, audio & video editing and other features on this software.

The most useful and significant features of this video editing software are following.

  • Automated Video Editing
  • Audio & Music Editing
  • Supports 4K HD Video
  • Video Color Customization
  • Video Stabilization
  • Video effects
  • And a lot of different features are available.

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Making Software

Adobe provides a series of software for different purposes, i.e. graphic designing, video making/editing, illustration, etc. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video making and editing software for beginners and experts as well because it is the most accessible software to use with amazing features and functionalities. You can create and edit high-quality videos with different filters, fade effects, VR editing, VR audio editing and a lot more features for the users. This video editing tool is especially used to enhance the quality of video with amazing effects in the video. Any kind of person can use transitions, filters and type tools in Adobe Premiere Pro easily and effectively to make the video more appealing and attractive to the viewers. The commercial videos can be edited with this video making/editing tool expertly. The most useful and advantageous features of Adobe Premiere Pro video making software are enlisted below.

  • Automate Titles to Sequence
  • Accessible to Use Audio Editing Features
  • Ready-made Transitions
  • Available Libraries in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Shared Projects can be managed
  • Simultaneous Projects
  • Typing Tools
  • Supports Multiple Formats for users
  • Multiple Video types can be edited
  • Video Titling and Graphics
  • And many other useful features are available in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Filmore9 Video Making/Editing Software

Filmore9 is one of the most popular video making and editing software for PC in 2020. Filmore9 is most popular video making software all across the World because it is the most accessible software for creating and editing videos on your PC. This software is available for both Mac & Windows Operating Systems to serve the users of both operating systems. This software provides impressive and easy to use features for the users for enhanced and attractive videos. Any commercial videos can be made or edited by using this incredible video editing tool on your PC. The interactive User Interface of this video editing software is accommodating for the users to create and edit videos without getting many problems. The most useful and significant features of Filmora9 are as follows.

  • Easy to Use Software for Beginners
  • Supports 4K videos for editing
  • Free Trial Version is Available
  • Advanced Text Editing Features
  • Video & Audio Controls are Available
  • Multi-layers Video Editing Features
  • Preview Rendering
  • Video Stabilization
  • Speed Controls & Audio Mixers
  • And many other features are available in this video making software.

This is another useful video editing software which is only made for expert and severe video editors. This software is equipped with powerful tools and features to help the user enhance and edit videos to attract the potential audience. This software is only available for Windows with Multi-cam editing, 360-degree video and many other features. You can edit high-quality video in this extraordinary video editing software. Significant features of this video editing software are as follows.

  • 360-degree video making/editing
  • Multi-cam video editing
  • 30 Days free trial
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Tutorials are available
  • And many other features are available for the experts and newbies.


There are many video software are available on the internet, but the best free video making software for PCs are enlisted above with all major features. The above software are the best options for beginners and professionals as well because of their extraordinary features. The users can learn all the above software through the tutorials available online, and they can create interactive and engaging videos using the fantastic editing tools on these video making software. The user must start video creation by using this software for best results.

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